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Google Suite of Services: Google Business Places

Google Places is an extraordinary free mapping application detailing geographically defined locations using Google Maps which displays the address or area of businesses and points of interest, and which provides Google user reviews. Google Maps powers many other map location services, and provides street maps and routes. Having a Google Places account is essential for optimized rankings and a is a business locator for countries throughout the globe. PostionKing can help you setup these and other Google Services.

What are Google Place Reviews?

Google Place Reviews allow users to comment on businesses listed with Google Places and include a rating system of stars based on the user experience. Overall ratings are then displayed next to the Google Place search result. Having a good rating is important.

How do I add my business to Google Places?

Google offers a step by step process for adding businesses to Google Places. You will need a Google account to place your business listing on Google Places.

Why do I need my business on Google Places?

Web searches now utilize Google local searches either by choosing the location within the search, i.e., "Dallas Steak Houses", or "Steak Houses", at which time Google may determine the general location of your Internet Protocol Address, and provide the search result based on you location.This is referred to as Google Places. Google Map search results also take priority over other searches. If your Dallas Steak House is not listed with Google Maps, other restaurants will most likely be listed above your website. Google Places also offers options for business owners on Google Maps / Google Places

When the user expands the definition by clicking "more info", Google provides an expanded display of your business details including Photos, Videos, Street View, Transit options, Related Websites hours of operation, coupons, product offerings and customer comments and reviews about your service referred to as Google Place Reviews. You may also choose to keep your address private.

Google Places Mobile Phone Navigation and QR Codes

Claim Your Google Place Now!

Google Places has taken the place of the Yellow Pages. Most people now use the Internet and specifically Google to search locations of businesses. Have you claimed your Google Place yet? Most businesses still have not, but those that have are reaping the rewards over their competitors. Google Places is a must for businesses and provides both the computer user and mobile phone user quick access to businesses and places of interest including reviews, location, and navigation.

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