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One of the most important factors when meeting the expectations of individuals who purchase websites from website marketing sales floors is the placement of the client site on search engines. This offer is tailored for sales marketing floors and includes an easy-to-understand Questions and Answers Guide regarding this product which is provided in print and which is also available online.

The Sales Guide includes:

• Proven Sales Techniques regarding the sale of this product
• Questions and Answers regarding the specifics of this product.
• Questions and Answers regarding Search Engines and Optimization Techniques.
• Access to an account representative by phone anytime during business hours.
• Access to ranking status reports.
• Access to a dictionary of industry terms and meanings

Service status reports are also sent to the reseller and optionally to the client.

Product Definition

The Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Package includes:

• Keyword research and Analysis
• Title and META Tag review by a search engine optimization professional
• Content Review
• Professional hand submission to the major search engines
• Directory submission to DMOZ® which powers Google
• Submission to important Second Tier Search Engines
• Thirty Day Search Engine Effectiveness Review
• Professional Search Engine Ranking Report

Product Details

Keyword research and Analysis

Competing in Today’s online Market requires a thorough understanding of one’s industry terms which are queried through search engines. In other words, what are people typing into the search engines when they want to find a business such as yours?

Title, Meta Tag and Content Review

One of the most important factors when considering the preparation of a website for search engine ranking is the proper set up of Title and Meta Tags. Improper Title and tag structure can adversely affect the order in which a website is considered by search engines. Professionally trained Search Engine Optimizers know which patterns of keyword phrase structuring work best and are familiar with content management website building software.

Professional hand submission to the major search engines

There are many online automated search engine submission programs. Google, Bing, and Yahoo record and monitor the I.P. numbers of automatic submission websites. Industry experts recommend entering websites by hand to the separate URL inclusion pages provided by Major Search Engines and in accordance with the search engine form guidelines. Professional Search Engine Submission is a proven methodology for accelerating the inclusion process.

Directory submission to DMOZ is the open directory project and is one of the most ambitious community projects ever created with regard to a directory. Placement on either of these directories is highly sought after.

Submission to Second Tier Search Engines

There are many smaller search engines whose overall number can command a significant amount of Internet searchers. Submission to these engines is made using the URL of the client website and may also include the Title and a Description as well.

Thirty Day Search Engine Effectiveness Review

Professional Search Engine Ranking Report upon completion of the project

Development Process

Project Scope

From the outset of a project it is important to recognize which actions are of the highest priority. Design and functionality changes inevitably impact project scope. However, with project priorities set early on, Joe Griffin Advertising is prepared to deal with change in a consistent and efficient manner.


Service will begin within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Estimated timeline for Title and Tag review and recommendations, search engines and directory placement, and Blog entry are four business days from the initiation of service. A site examination and ranking report will be sent approximately 30 days after the initiation of the project along with any editing suggestions.

Project Management & Customer Support

Your Account Manager will be the single point of contact for all aspects of this project. Successful website development projects demand a tightly managed workflow.

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